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How can I manifest my desires and intentions quickly?

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I would like to learn to manifest my desires fast. It would be amazing to feel in control of my life and feel that I can manifest anything by the power of my mind. That is - if I'd knew how to use it.

I tried following Law of Attraction concepts, meditations and visualizations - but with rather mixed results.

So, how can I be more consistent is my manifesting abilities?

How to speed up manifesting of what I want?
asked 3 years ago by CuriousOne (280 points)

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The best way to understand manifestation process and approach manifestation process is from the end :)

How would I feel when my desire is already a reality?

The answer to this "feeling" question would be your guding light. Let see.

When my desire is already manifested, here are my feeling states:

  1. I know I have it.
  2. I no longer feel anxious about it.
  3. I don't care whether it will manifest or not.
  4. I feel peaceful and happy.

So essentially every process or practice of manifesting a desire involves reaching these feeling states before desire is manifesting or even showing any signs of possible manifestation.

These feeling states are so important that entire "Lesterizing Goals" system of Release Technique is dedicated to feeling state #3.

answered 3 years ago by DreamCatcher (550 points)
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